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Our economy grade beamsplitters are a cost effective alternative to other grades of beamsplitters, useful for lower tolerance applications such as lighting, entertainment and autocue prompting applications for conferencing.

Knight Optical’s economy beamsplitters have a single layer TiO² coating but do not have an AR coating on the second face as standard.  The beamsplitter coating is applied to soda-lime float glass and therefore works efficiently in the visible spectrum.  The surface quality of these beamsplitters is lower than other types and the split ration will vary more with wavelength.

This range is available in large 900x730mm sheets. We are also able to coat the beamsplitter layer directly onto the rear of single layer AR coated sheets if required.  These large economy beamsplitter sheets can be customised to meet your specifications at short notice. 

For more information on our stock range of economy beamsplitters or to enquire about a custom quote, please contact our technical sales team.

Surface Quality:
Flatness (typical):
Green float glass
±0.3mm (≤100mm) ±0.5mm (>100mm)
± 0.2 mm
<60:40 scratch/dig
1/λ over 25mm aperture
<5 arcmin
Economy 40% (TiO2)

Cutting down of stock components to smaller diameters and sizes.
Mounting options.
Larger 914x736 sheets available for custom shapes and sizes.
AR coatings can be applied to standard economy beamsplitters.

6 Items

Name Wavelength cut-on (nm) Wavelength cut-off (nm) Reflection (%) Transmission (%) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Price Buy
BCF2500 450 700 40 60 25 3
BCF5000 450 700 40 60 50 3
BCF4025 450 700 40 60 40 25 3
BCF6340 450 700 40 60 63 40 3
BCF10065 450 700 40 60 100 65 3
BCF160100 450 700 40 60 150 100 3

6 Items


Economy Beamsplitters

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