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Knight Optical stock 50mm and 100mm UV fused silica domes, ideal as front optics due to the durability and chemical stability of the material. We can also offer custom dimensions upon request. A dome is an optical window composed of two parallel curved surfaces, allowing for a wider field of view, when compared to a flat window, whilst still offering minimal distortion of the lightpath.

UV fused silica transmits from below 200nm up to the NIR region so is suitable for a variety of applications including UVC sterilisation and disinfection


Diameter tolerance (mm):
Thickness (mm):
Height (mm):
Surface finish:
Centricity (mm):
+/-0.1 (+/-0.2mm for 100mm diameter)
0.2 x 45° typical

Custom domes available from 5mm to over 200mm diameter.

For more complex designs, Knight Optical can also offer moulded optical components in two different UV materials - UV clear glass which transmits in both UV and visible wavelengths, and UV filter glass which transmits in the UV region whilst absorbing visible light. 

Parts may be AR coated for improved transmission. Information on alternative coatings are available on request.

Other materials are available upon request including BK7, sapphire and IR materials.

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Name Outer Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Thickness (mm) Material Price Buy
WDF1004 100 50 4 UV grade fused silica
WDF5002 50 25 2 UV grade fused silica

2 Items


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