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Right Angle Prism UV fused silica 40x40mm Uncoated

SKU: PTF4000
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Material UV fused silica
Coating Uncoated
Entry Face Height A/C (mm) 40
Entry Face Height B/C (mm) 40
Grade Precision

Right angle prisms are simply triangular blocks of glass with two 45° and one 90° angles. These precision UV grade fused silica right angle prisms have high surface quality and tight tolerance angles. The normal use for a right-angle prism is to turn light through 90° by internal reflection from the hypotenuse. These right angle prisms are stocked as uncoated and protected on the hypotenuse to meet general applications. The simplest is a totally uncoated right angle prism; uncoated right-angle prisms will rely on total internal reflection and so is limited in the angular range it will reflect. If the hypotenuse can be coated with a standard reflecting coating, generally aluminium, which is then protected by a paint layer it will work over a wide range of incidence angles.  These are commonly known as protected right angle prisms. These UV grade fused silica right angle prisms are used for wavelengths down to 175nm.

Right angle prisms are generally used to bend light, reflect light and for image displacement.

Surface Quality:

UV grade fused silica
±1 arcmin
40/20 scratch dig
<λ/4 over 25mm (over inscribed eclipse)

Uncoated range: All faces are left uncoated.
AR coated range: Antireflective coating on entry/exit faces to achieve 99% efficiency.
Protected range: Aluminised and black painted on Hypotenuse to achieve 90% internal reflection over a greater angular range.
External reflector range: Aluminised and protected on hypotenuse for use as mirrors.
Uncoated prisms can be coated with a range of mirror coatings for UV,NIR and FIR applications.
Prisms can be ground down on width to smaller dimensions.
Prisms can be reshaped to meet your instrument needs.