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These standard grade of right angle prisms are similar to the Precision grade versions but with easier surface quality and angular specifications.  These standard range of right angle prisms are more cost effective than the precision grade of RA prism.  Various coatings can be applied to their faces.  Right angle prisms can be ground to smaller sizes or drilled and edged to create your bespoke custom prism.

Right angle prisms are generally used to bend light, reflect light and for image displacement.

Our stock range of prisms is available to purcahse directly from this site. We also offer custom prisms made to unique sizes for individual customer's requirements. For more information on our custom prisms or to place an order, please contact our technical sales team.

Surface Quality:
N-BK7 or equivalent
±5 arcmin
40/20 scratch/dig
<1λ over 25mm test area (over inscribed eclipse)


Uncoated prisms can be coated with a range of mirror coatings for UV,NIR and FIR applications.
Prisms can be ground down on width to smaller dimensions.
Prisms can be reshaped to meet your instrument needs.

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Name Coating Grade Entry Face Height A/C (mm) Entry Face Height B/C (mm) Material Price Buy
PRK0601 Uncoated Standard 6 6 N-BK7 or equivalent
PRK09500 Uncoated Standard 9.5 9.5 N-BK7 or equivalent
PRK1500 Uncoated Standard 15 15 N-BK7 or equivalent
PRK2000 Uncoated Standard 20 20 N-BK7 or equivalent

4 Items


Standard BK7 Right Angle Prisms

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