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Precision IR-Cut Filter 400-650nm T>94% 12.5x12.5x1mmthk

SKU: 400FIP1313
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Length (mm) 12.5
Width (mm) 12.5
Material Borosilicate
Thickness (mm) 1.1
Type Precision
Transmission (%) >94%
Wavelength cut-off (nm) 650
Wavelength cut-on (nm) 400

Precision IR-cut filters offer superior transmission and scratch/dig to our standard range and are ideal in demanding camera applications such as ANPR. IR-cut filters are designed to cleanly cut out unwanted IR and UV light that would otherwise compromise the colour integrity of the image. By fitting an IR-cut filter, true to life colour can be restored.

Our IR-cut filters are hot mirror coated on a quality borosilicate or equivalent glass substrate and offer sharp transitions between the transmitting and reflecting bands to improve accuracy and control over the system. The substrate is chemically resistant to acidic and saline solutions and will not degrade under normal conditions. A low thermal expansion means the optic can survive rapid changes in temperature while maintaining its structural integrity where other materials might crack or shatter. Precision range filters are AR coated on the rear to reduce unwanted reflections and improve transmission.

Surface quality:
Wavelength accuracy:
Borosilicate or equivalent
+0/-0.20 mm
± 0.30 mm
± 0.20 mm
<60-40 scratch/dig
Tmin>94% 420-620nm
Tmax<2% 700-1000nm
front surface hot mirror coated
back surface AR coated

Available stock sizes: Square 5mm-100mm, Diameter 5mm-100mm
Cutting down or edged to special shapes and sizes at short notice
Mounting of diameters and squares
Improved scratch/dig specifications are available for high resolution applications