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Knight Optical can supply a range of high quality Selvyt® cleaning cloths that can be used to clean or polish optical components to maximise performance of an optical system. Uses include:

  • Cleaning microscopes
  • Electron microscope parts
  • Optical components
  • Lenses and delicate instruments
  • Wet or dry cleaning
  • Wrapping and protecting optical components and delicate parts
  • Skimming liquid surfaces

Three cloth types are available to purchase from stock in either 10"x10" (254x254mm) or 14"x14" (356x356mm) standard sizes and may be bought individually or as a set of ten. All Selvyt® cloths are machine washable.

SR Type: Universal multipurpose polishing cloth. Manufactured in woven unbleached cotton with a raised surface to lift particles.
PR Type: Premium polishing cloth. Manufactured in woven cotton velvet with a raised surface to lift particles to leave a perfect finish..
MF Type: Woven microfibre polishing cloth ideal for spectacles, laptop and TV screens. Manufactured in woven polyester microfibre with soft fibres to give smear free finish to lenses and screens.

6 Items

Name Description Type Size Pack Quantity Price Buy
QCA1012 Selvyt cleaning cloth MF 10"x10" 1
QCA1011 Selvyt cleaning cloth PR 10"x10" 1
QCA1010 Selvyt cleaning cloth SR 10"x10" 1
QCA1416 Selvyt cleaning cloth MF 14"x14" 1
QCA1415 Selvyt cleaning cloth PR 14"x14" 1
QCA1414 Selvyt cleaning cloth SR 14"x14" 1

6 Items


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