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These quality camera filter holders and locking rings are manufactured in black anodised aluminium and are ideal for imaging systems. Our mounts have been designed to fit 25mm diameter filters available to purchase separately from our website or by contacting our technical sales team directly. Our extensive filter range includes long pass, short pass, band pass and band blocking types over a broad range of wavelengths and can be edged or cut to size where necessary. We supply colour glass, acrylic, dichroic, polyester and neutral density filters for a range of applications. Click on the See Also tab below for more information on filter types.

Our camera filter mounts are designed to stack with each other enabling several filters to be used together. Two or more filters can be overlapped in order to create unique spectra that would not otherwise be possible with a single filter. Each mount is designed to fit single or multiple filters up to 6.5mm thick. Speak to our experienced technical sales team for more information.

Mounts and filters may be purchased together and assembled in house
Additional machining options are available including custom sizes

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Name Mount Outer Diameter (mm) Mount Thickness (mm) Diameter of Compatible Optic (mm) Maximum Thickness of Compatible Optic (mm) Clear Aperture (mm) Mounting Thread Price Buy
HLF2500 28.0 12.2 25.0 6.5 22.0 M25.5
HLF3005 33.5 12.2 25.0 6.5 22.1 M30.5

2 Items


Camera Filter Holders

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