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Hot Mirrors

Hot mirror optical coatings | Tungsten light sources

At 0° angle of incidence hot mirrors transmit the visible and reflect the near infra-red (heat) spectrum typically found in tungsten light sources. Hot mirrors therefore remove much of the energy that can cause heating in a lighting system.

Hot Mirrors

Hot mirrors can be used as an alternative to KG1 filters where the light is focussed near to the filter giving a risk of cracking. Hot mirrors reflect the heat rather than absorb the heat as in KG1 heat filters. Custom hot mirrors also have a sharper cut off between IR and Visible because they have a dielectric coating that can be controlled.

Knight Optical stock large sheets of 600mm diameter hot mirror that can be cut and edged to custom sizes. Custom hot mirrors are available for visible applications using a borosilicate substrate. We can also provide hot mirror coatings on UV Grade Fused Silica for UV applications working down to 175nm.

We can supply custom shapes and sizes and mounting options to your specification.

Technical datasheet

Coating Hot mirror IR reflector-MRI1

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