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Monitoring and measuring systems

For many years Knight Optical has been a trusted worldwide supplier of precision optical components to manufacturers of laser monitoring and measurement systems.

From the latest cutting edge laser particle counters, distance monitoring and 2D and 3D mapping systems through to LiDAR traffic and wind monitoring and topographical measurement applications, we offer exceptional skill in the design, production and testing of a vast range of laser optical components.

Your Environmental Challenges, Our Solutions

From arctic conditions to punishing heat and humidity, grit, pollution and the threat of impact, the fact that laser monitoring and measurement instruments are exposed to such atmospheric extremes makes it crucial that their optical components are designed to withstand the worst.

It takes expertise, skill and in-depth understanding of the application and its operating environment to ensure that its optical components are performance optimised and suitably robust. This expertise and understanding are all part of the Knight Optical service.

Optical Components for Laser Monitoring and Measuring Applications

LiDAR applications

We supply a range of custom and stock optical components for LiDAR applications including high precision, anti-reflective coated lenses for wind measurement systems designed to withstand altitude, extreme grit and other atmospherics; front coated mirrors optimised for a range of wavelengths, and cover windows crafted from robust sapphire and UV grade fused silica, with anti-reflective coatings for improved transmission and hydrophobic coatings to deal with air pollution.

Laser measurement & scanning

Our optical components designed to contend with the industrial challenges faced by laser measurement and scanning systems include toughened Borofloat condenser lenses; achromatic doublet lenses for optimal performance and accuracy; laser grade high index meniscus lenses to minimise spherical aberration; thermally toughened aspheric lenses; high index antireflective coated planoconcave lenses for optimum beam control and a range of precision grade optical windows.

Laser particle counters

Laser particle counters used in air quality control and clean room dust and fluid purity monitoring rely on precision accuracy. We supply a range of optical components optimised for use in particle counters including collimating lenses and optical windows crafted from hardy materials; interference band pass filters and front surface mirrors with a range of transmission boosting and protective coatings.

Coatings, Customisation and Quality Assurance

Hydrophobic coatings and anti-reflective topcoats applied to optical components allow maximum signal return whilst minimising atmospheric effects. Choice of materials is important; sapphire, quartz, fused silica, calcium fluoride, BK7 and toughened borosilicate are just some of the most popular choices. Expert guidance in selecting the right materials to suit your application and its environment is something Knight Optical excels in providing.

Whether from stock or custom developed to contend with specific challenges and objectives, all the optical components we supply come with assured compliance to specification. Our state-of-the-art metrology laboratory is equipped with industry leading, cutting-edge testing instrumentation capable of delivering on accuracy and compliance to the highest degree, and the technicians who staff it are known as some of the best in the world of optics. Accreditation to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 UKAS and our MIL-PRF-13830B compliance offer further peace of mind.

Monitoring and Measuring Laser Optical Components from a World-Leading Supplier

Our multilingual sales team and skilled technical experts are available to provide tailored advice on all your optical components requirements. Long term relationships are important to us, and we look forward to discussing your project or ongoing requirements.

Please contact our technical sales team to talk through your needs and to obtain a quotation.


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