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Solar Simulation

Trusted for many years by many of the world’s leading names in solar technologies, Knight Optical has become a leading name and the preferred choice for the custom design and supply of a range of optical components including Fresnel and condenser lenses and front surface mirrors suitable for refractive and reflective concentration photovoltaic (CPV) systems.

For Knight Optical, the solar sector is considered vital to the future of energy and one we are dedicated to closely supporting through our extensive and globally respected knowledge in the field of precision optical component design.

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Dedicated to innovation

As a relatively young industry, the solar sector is naturally evolving rapidly. With fresh innovations regularly coming to the fore, it is crucial that the optics industry stays up to date. We have a duty to support the vital developments set to further enhance the important solar technologies that are already proving a major advantage to commercial enterprise, consumers and the environment.

Innovation is something that Knight Optical champions. We do this by embracing newly emerging solar technologies, such as 3D printed lenses and micro-optic solar concentration, at the earliest possible opportunity. With this commitment, our solar industry customers are guaranteed a long term optics partner that will collaborate with and support them in reaching and exceeding their goals.

Custom optical solutions, exceptional quality

Knight Optical specialises in custom optical solutions, harnessing the renowned expertise of its technical development specialists and the sophisticated capabilities presented by its state of the art metrology laboratory to produce optical components of the most exceptional quality, designed to meet specific challenges and objectives.

We offer next-generation optical testing and quality control, ensuring that every component that leaves us does so in strict accordance with customer requirements and quality standards.

Accredited to ISO9001:2015, ISO10110, ISO14001:2015 UKAS and BS4301 and compliant with MIL-SPEC, Knight Optical is in the best position possible to share a wealth of experience and proven expertise in the field of solar optics.

By your side in every respect

Our multilingual technical sales team is at your disposal, making certain that everything you need is delivered within your strict parameters, without any compromise on quality. Long term customer relationships matter to us; we value the way they enable us to gain a thorough understanding of your unique challenges and requirements.

If you are currently seeking to integrate the latest optical innovations into your solar technologies, we are here to support you. Our optical design specialist is ready to work by your side as we move towards your goals together.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss your individual requirements, and we look forward to assisting you.

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