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Much like the Energy & Utilities markets, the renewables sector has gained traction in the UK of late. With Government enticements such as the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and overall money-saving benefits; homeowners and business alike have opted for this eco-friendly solution in a lucrative bid to reduce their emissions.   

Here at Knight Optical, we are supporters of global renewable innovations and a proud supplier of optics for ground-breaking technology in solar, wind and hydroelectricity markets.

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Solar power is set to play a significant role in the energy of the future. Currently, solar panels are proving most prevalent in practicality for domestic applications, and commercial schemes are following suit with larger-scale PVs. Solar farms are also rising in popularity as more people open up to the profitability of income per acre. Fresnel lenses are an excellent component for photovoltaic applications. Due to their thin formation, they lose little light and allow for maximum collection and collimation. Recently, we have seen a spike in interest for our Fresnel lenses for photovoltaic applications due to the customised options offered. From dome-shaped to lenses with a curvature, we can tailor components to your precise requirements.

Wind turbines

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology has recently been recognised for increasing efficiencies in wind turbine power. The surveying method measures atmospheric conditions such as the speed and direction of wind and uses light to assess the elements surrounding turbines; allowing optimum energy outputs. Mounted to the wind turbine itself, the LiDAR system automates the adjustment of the turbine’s blades to increase energy generation. At Knight Optical, we supply many components for LiDAR applications including front-coated mirrors, cover windows and optical filters.  Like all our components, optics for LiDAR applications are available tailored to your project’s requirements.

Why Energy, Utilities & Renewables markets choose us

High quality

Over our 28 years in business, we have gained a reputable status amongst those working under the Energy, Utilities & Renewables categories. This renowned standing is not only the result of delivering on-spec optical components that boast longevity, durability and precision but is also owed to the transparency we offer all our customers.
This integrity stems from the knowledge shared from our technical sales department through to the accessible expertise offered by our Metrology Laboratory. Our team assist throughout your entire specification process, guiding you along the way. Specifiers within the Energy, Utilities & Renewables markets frequently choose us as a time-, resource- and money-saving solution.


Optical coatings

No two projects are the same, and we understand the importance of choosing the right coating and material for every optical specification. With most applications within the Energy, Utilities & Renewables sectors demanding protection against the elements or hazardous substances, we offer a vast range of coatings to protect your component from harsh environments, including:

  • Diamond-like carbon (DLC)
  • Anti-reflective (AR)
  • Mirror
  • Dielectric
  • Anti-fog
  • Oleophobic
  • Hydrophobic
  • Enhanced aluminium
  • Enhanced silver
  • Protected silver
  • Protected gold
  • Indium-tin oxide.

High-quality materials

As well as a range of coatings, we also offer custom materials as part of our bespoke package. Whether you are looking for an enduring material like sapphire or something somewhat economical such as acrylic, we have an array of materials to meet every application’s requirements.

Just some of the material options regularly specified in the Energy, Utilities & Renewables industries are:

  • Sapphire
  • BK7 (or equivalent)
  • Fused silica
  • Germanium
  • Quartz
  • Acrylic
  • Silicon
  • Zinc selenide
  • Calcium fluoride
  • Gallium arsenide
  • Sapphire lithium fluoride
  • UV fused silica
  • Borosilicate.

What’s more, our custom components are available in bespoke dimensions to meet your criterion.

Expertise in every sector

Our multilingual technical sales team are on hand to inform further on our capabilities within the Energy, Utilities & Renewables industry and to offer you tailored advice. As a trusted partner in these industries, our second-to-none optical knowledge is utilised by many industry leaders within the sector, and we strive to maintain the long-term relationships we have successfully built up over the years whilst welcoming new businesses along the way.

We look forward to discussing the details of your project and ongoing requirements.

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Product application notes

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Meteorlogy and Climatology
Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV's)
Gas Detection Systems
Oil In Water Analysis
Solar Simulation

Whatever your project we will be happy to be involved; call our technical advisors for advice or submit your drawings here for a full quote within 48 hours.




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