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Security and Surveillance

Knight Optical are very experienced in providing a number of optical components to the security and surveillance industry. Our product portfolio consists of lenses for use in the VIS/NIR; ANPR/ALPR Filters; IR CUT filters; cover windows made from BK7 or equivalent, Sapphire, Germanium and many other materials. Two products, we provide are Germanium windows, which are great for thermal imaging and high precision domes that are great for high quality images whilst protecting the camera behind it. Our aim is to bring quality into focus for the security and surveillance market, with our state-of-the-art metrology and QA department.

Germanium windows

Typically used as a cover window for the protection of more delicate camera parts in a thermal imaging application, this very dense material is opaque in the VIS allowing the relevant wavelengths from the infrared through to reach the sensor and create the perfect thermal image. Available from stock in a range of sizes from 10 to 100mm in diameter and thicknesses from 1 to 10mm. We also provide AR coatings throughout the range from 3 – 14μm and a DLC coating that is salt fog tested to comply with MIL-SPEC.

If you find our Germanium windows from stock are not exactly what you are looking for, contact our experienced and helpful technical sales team, who will be able to assist with the best solution for you.


High-quality precision domes are great as a protective cover within a camera system as it allows 360⁰ imaging without compromising on quality and protection. Knight Optical provide a stock range from 10mm to 100mm in diameter made from quality BK7 or equivalent. However, we can provide custom domes of any size up to 300mm+ in diameter, made from a range of materials such as quartz, sapphire, optical acrylic and filter glasses. Our ability for bespoke domes are as follows:

  • Diameter (mm) 5mm to 300mm+
  • Thickness (mm) Dependent on diameter
  • Dimensional tolerances (mm) +/-0.05
  • Max. strength variation* (diopters) +/-0.2
  • Surface figure (fr.) < 10(5)
  • Concentricity (mm) < 0.05
  • Scratch/Dig < 20:10
  • Polish < P3
  • Material please discuss requirements 

*Strength variation relative to strength at peak of dome

Drop our technical sales team a message, to see what domes could do to enhance your security system. 

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Our Multi-Lingual Sales Team are here to help with your requirments:

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International Shipping

We are able to ship to most countries at good rates, please click here for more info.

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