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Custom Diffraction Gratings

Ruled and Holographic Diffraction Gratings

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Knight Optical provides a diverse array of diffraction gratings, designed for the precise separation of white light into its component wavelengths.

Our custom diffraction gratings are available in three grades, encompassing both ruled and holographic diffraction gratings, with line spacings down to 1µm or tailored to any specific requirement. These gratings can be applied to a wide range of materials, including glass, IR crystal, and UV materials such as calcium fluoride and UV grade fused silica.

Custom diffraction gratings from Knight Optical are essential in devices like monochromators and spectrometers, or any application where isolating specific wavelengths of light is necessary.

Our custom holographic diffraction gratings are engineered to minimise stray light levels and are available with closer ruling spacings. While ruled gratings typically offer higher efficiency, blazed holographic gratings provide a comparable profile and efficiency, especially suited for UV wavelength applications.

For simpler demonstration purposes, we also craft custom transmission gratings, part of our commercial range that includes cost-effective transmission replicas mounted between glass plates.

Knight Optical is committed to delivering high-quality custom diffraction gratings, meticulously tailored to your exact specifications. Our state-of-the-art metrology facilities ensure that each component is rigorously tested by our highly skilled technicians, guaranteeing adherence to our stringent quality standards.

Whether you need reflective diffraction gratings, laser diffraction gratings, holographic diffraction gratings, 2D diffraction gratings, or seeking the best diffraction grating price for your project, Knight Optical has the expertise and resources to support your requirements.

Ruled and Holographic Diffraction Gratings

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A diffraction grating is an optical component with a regular pattern of closely spaced lines or grooves that diffract light into several beams traveling in different directions. The principle behind its operation is the interference of light waves when they are scattered from the grating’s grooves. This phenomenon separates light into its component wavelengths, creating a spectrum. Diffraction gratings are key in devices that analyze the spectral properties of light, such as spectrometers.


    Reflective diffraction gratings work by reflecting light off a surface that has been etched with a series of grooves, effectively dispersing the light into its component wavelengths. Holographic diffraction gratings, on the other hand, are produced using holographic techniques to record interference patterns, which then act as the grating. Holographic gratings typically produce less stray light and have smoother groove profiles compared to reflective gratings, resulting in better spectral resolution and efficiency.

    Yes, laser diffraction gratings can be used with various types of lasers, but the grating must be chosen based on the laser’s wavelength and the application’s requirements. The grating’s groove density (lines per mm) determines the diffraction angles and efficiency for specific wavelengths, making it crucial to select a grating that matches the laser’s properties for optimal performance in applications like laser beam shaping, splitting, or spectral analysis.

    2D diffraction gratings have a grid or pattern of lines etched in two dimensions on their surface, as opposed to the single set of parallel lines found on standard (1D) diffraction gratings. This structure allows 2D gratings to diffract light not only in one plane but in two, enabling them to separate light into its component wavelengths in two directions simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful in complex spectroscopy applications that require high-resolution spectral analysis in multiple dimensions.

    Diffraction gratings can be purchased from scientific equipment suppliers, optical component manufacturers, and online marketplaces that specialize in laboratory supplies. The price of a diffraction grating is influenced by several factors, including its type (reflective or holographic), groove density, size, substrate material, and manufacturing precision. Higher quality gratings with finer groove densities and larger sizes generally command higher prices due to their enhanced performance and the complexity of their production process.

    When choosing a diffraction grating, consider the wavelength range you need to analyze, the spectral resolution required, and the grating’s efficiency at those wavelengths. The groove density (lines per mm) is critical for determining the dispersion and resolution of the grating. Additionally, consider whether a reflective or holographic grating is more suitable for your needs based on the application’s sensitivity to stray light and spectral purity. The substrate material and the physical size of the grating should also be compatible with your optical setup.

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