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Knight Optical supplies a broad range of high-quality shortpass filters which are essential edge filters for selectively transmitting wavelengths. These filters effectively remove all unwanted wavelengths, such as NIR from the visible spectrum, starting from the defined cut-off point.

A dichroic shortpass filter with a 650nm cut-off would allow transmission from the UV up to 650nm with an efficiency greater than 80%, after which the transmission steeply decreases, achieving a blocking of 6OD in the NIR.

Shortpass filters are particularly valuable in systems designed to minimise excess wavelengths or stray light, resulting in reducing near-band emissions. They are extensively used across various industries for applications such as order sorting in fluorescence and photometry.

At Knight Optical, we specialise in providing custom shortpass filters tailored to meet specific edge cut-off, transition steepness, and transmission or blocking requirements. Our range of UV shortpass filters extends from 464nm (UV) to 1.55µm (NIR). For dichroic shortpass filters, the unwanted wavelengths are reflected rather than transmitted.

Our custom dichroic shortpass filters divide the light into bands, reflecting unwanted wavelengths while transmitting the desired ones. These are available in numerous colours and are mounted on substrates such as white float glass or borosilicate, depending on the application’s heat management needs. We stock a wide range of substrates up to 450mm in diameter, allowing for quick customization of shapes and sizes.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A shortpass filter is an optical device that allows light with wavelengths shorter than a specific cutoff point to pass through while blocking longer wavelengths. This type of filter is used in various optical applications to isolate shorter wavelengths of light.

    A dichroic shortpass filter functions by reflecting longer wavelengths of light and transmitting shorter wavelengths. These filters are highly efficient and precise, making them ideal for applications requiring clear separation of light based on wavelength, such as in imaging and photonics.

    Yes, UV shortpass filters are designed to transmit UV light while blocking visible and longer ultraviolet wavelengths. These filters are particularly useful in scientific and medical imaging, where precise UV light control is necessary.

    Shortpass optical filters are widely used in spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, and optical communications. Their ability to precisely control wavelength transmission makes them essential for enhancing image contrast and clarity in various optical systems.

    While all dichroic filters are designed to selectively pass certain wavelengths and reflect others, dichroic shortpass filters specifically allow shorter wavelengths to pass and reflect longer ones. This selective reflection and transmission make them highly effective in applications needing sharp spectral cut-offs.

    Shortpass filters are typically made from optical glasses or synthetic crystals, coated with multiple layers of dielectric material. These coatings are designed to enhance the filter’s ability to transmit certain wavelengths while blocking others, tailored to specific application needs.

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    Typical Applications

    Aspherical Lenses for Microscopy



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