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Spherical Concave Lenses

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Concave lenses, known for their negative focal length due to one spherical concave face and one flat Plano face, are essential in optics for increasing the divergence of convergent light.

These lenses are particularly valuable for their ability to correct myopia (short-sightedness) by diverging light before it reaches the retina, effectively managing concave lens myopia issues.

Knight Optical offers a bespoke range of concave lenses, including double concave lens options and concave cylindrical lens varieties, specific for a multitude of applications. From laser concave lens applications, where precise beam control is paramount, to concave Fresnel lens designs for specialised optics, our custom concave lenses are engineered to counteract spherical aberrations in complex optical setups.

Our portfolio extends from commercial-grade to premium concave lenses made from N-BK7 or equivalent materials and UV Fused Silica, to high-index SF11 or equivalent, catering to high-index laser requirements. Additionally, for those looking to buy concave lens components for design and laboratory purposes, we provide custom concave lens sets, adaptable to your specific needs.

Spherical Concave Lenses

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    Metrology Testing and Quality Assurance

    Each concave lens undergoes rigorous testing in our state-of-the-art metrology lab by highly skilled technicians, ensuring all components adhere to our stringent quality standards. This ensures optimal performance in applications ranging from focusing and controlling laser beams to moderate-quality imaging and use in various optical instruments. In multi-element optical systems, they play a crucial role in reducing system power, and when used independently, they form a diverging cone or create virtual images, ideal for beam expanders.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Concave lenses, also known as diverging lenses, are optical lenses with at least one inwardly curved surface. They spread out light rays that pass through them, causing the light to diverge. This property makes concave lenses useful for correcting myopia (nearsightedness) by diverging light before it reaches the eye, allowing for focused image formation on the retina.

    Concave lenses correct myopia by diverging incoming light rays, effectively extending the focal length to enable the eye to focus light directly onto the retina. This correction allows individuals with nearsightedness to see distant objects more clearly, improving vision and reducing strain.

    A concave cylindrical lens is a type of lens that has a curved, inward surface in one direction and is flat in the perpendicular direction. It is primarily used to correct astigmatism, a common vision condition where the eye does not focus light evenly on the retina due to an irregularly shaped cornea or lens. These lenses help in directing light more precisely to the retina, improving visual clarity.

    Double concave lenses, which have two inwardly curved surfaces, are used in a variety of optical applications that require the divergence of light. They are commonly found in optical instruments, such as beam expanders, light diffusers, and certain types of telescopes. Double concave lenses are also used in educational settings to demonstrate optical principles and in vision correction scenarios.

    A concave Fresnel lens differs from traditional concave lenses in its design and functionality. It uses a series of concentric grooves to mimic the effect of a conventional lens but in a much thinner and lighter form. Fresnel lenses are capable of diverging light similar to standard concave lenses but are more compact, making them ideal for applications requiring lightweight and space-saving optical components, such as in portable lighting devices and optical experiments.

    Concave lenses can be purchased from us at Knight Optical, which offers a broad selection of high-quality optical lenses tailored to various applications, including vision correction, scientific research, and industrial use. When looking to buy a concave lens, consider the lens’s material, diameter, focal length, and specific application needs. Our expert team can provide guidance and support to ensure you select the most suitable lens for your project, factoring in both performance requirements and budget. Get in touch for advice today.

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    Typical Applications

    Aspherical Lenses for Laser Beam Shaping

    Laser Beams

    Aspherical Lenses for Microscopy

    Optical Instruments

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