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Custom Solutions

Discover projects Knight Optical have provided optical solutions for.

Thermal imaging for
Formula 1 team

Reliable components are imperative for Formula 1 teams to analyse data with absolute certainty.

Knight Optical was approached to provide their optical knowledge to develop a product to allow a sensor to measure the heat of their tyres.


Knight Optical was approached to supply an optical assembly for a revolutionary new hand held device.

The product was developed to make cancer screening more convenient and accessible. Using cutting edge optics and LED technology, its portability would assist in identifying cancer in low resource areas as well as developed countries.

ANPR Filters

ANPR cameras need to operate during all weather and lighting conditions. The systems require reliable components, which can withstand harsh environmental conditions, to allow vehicle information to be tracked and transmitted from remote locations.

Knight Optical was asked to provide a durable and reliable solution to meet the demands of this industry.


Quality is of upmost importance for luxury mechanical timepieces. A market that has historically been dominated by reputation and heritage has met tough competition driven by innovation and modern technology, high standards still remain synonymous with this sector.

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