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The medical sector puts further demands on quality in optics. Accuracy and reliability is of utmost importance for systems of medical diagnostics and analysis.


Knight Optical was approached to supply an optical assembly for a revolutionary new hand held device. The product was developed to make cancer screening more convenient and accessible. Using cutting edge optics and LED technology, its portability would assist in identifying cancer in low resource areas as well as developed countries.


Knight Optical was involved in the procurement and redesign of multiple types of lenses, as well as prisms, complete in a purpose built housing. Due to the assembly incorporating numerous lenses, it required a good modulated transfer function. The tolerance stack up was a major consideration, meaning the individual components required small tolerances. The ability to test these in a fully equipped metrology laboratory was crucial to its overall performance.


Overseeing this project from design and testing through to production, the product has undergone clinical testing and FDA approval. The revolutionary device can now help save lives by diagnosing early signs of cancer.

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