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Handheld vacuum pickup systems

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Our range of high quality hand held vacuum pens are simply designed for safe, accurate handling of delicate components.

Knight Optical supply both pen and bulb type handheld vacuum pickup tools with a range of interchangeable vacuum tips to suit most small part handling applications. Operated with a simple click of a button, Knight Optical’s range of vacuum pickup tools are a cost effective solution to increasing throughput in optical manufacturing and other applications. Each system is designed to minimise electrostatic discharge ensuring there is no risk of damage to delicate electrical components during the handling process. Our Pro-Pen Plus comes with a high quality metal stand with vacuum tip holders to ensure your vacuum system is safely stored where you need it, every time.






Operating our handheld vacuum pickup tools couldn’t be easier!

  1. Select the appropriate vacuum tip. The rubber seal should be slightly smaller than the part to be handled in order to allow a good vacuum to form.
  2. Ensure that the vacuum tip and optic are clean before use.
  3. Hold down the button on the side of the pickup tool or squeeze the bulb for bulb systems.
  4. Carefully place the vacuum tip against the part to be handled and release the button or bulb, allowing the vacuum to take hold.
  5. Move the part to the desired location and carefully release it by pressing the button or squeezing the bulb again.

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Part No. DescriptionNumber of TipsTip SizesNumber of Straight TipsNumber of Angled Tips Price
VPH0300 Pro-Pen handheld pickup tool63.18 / 6.35 / 9.5333 £35.00
VPH0320 Bulb-Pen handheld pickup kit53.18 / 4.76 / 6.35 / 9.53 / 12.723 £20.00
VPH0310 Pro-Pen Plus handheld pickup tool with holder83.18 /4.76/ 6.35 / 9.53 / 12.7035 £105.00

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