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Knight Optical’s vacuum pickup systems are designed for simple, safe and cost effective handling of delicate optics.

Knight Optical’s range of vacuum pickup tools and accessories provide an easy, safe and accurate way to handle delicate optical components. Our vacuum pickup systems are supplied with a range of soft, easily cleaned vacuum tips to suit almost any application and to ensure your product remains unmarked and undamaged throughout the handling process. Simple and effective to use, our vacuum pickup tools are a cost effective way to increase throughput.

Our powered 110V and 220V desktop systems are suitable for secure handling of almost all types of optics and are supplied with a 5 ft. coiled vacuum hose for enhanced reach. Rubberized feet ensure that the system remains firmly on the desktop during handling and the reliable long life pump ensures durability. Both systems are supplied with 9 vacuum tips for a range of optical components.

Knight Optical’s portable, handheld vacuum pens contain no batteries or vacuum hoses and are ideal for safe handling of lightweight optics and small parts. Operated with a single button our vacuum pens are simple and intuitive to use ensuring your optical components are placed correctly every time.


Vacuum Pickup Systems

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