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B270 Window Telecom Grade 10mmdia x 1mmthk AR@1050-1700nm

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SKU: WGT1000-AI2
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Diameter (mm) 10
Material White float window
Coating AR@1050-1700nm
Thickness (mm) 1
Coated Sides Both

These BBAR coated B270 telecom windows are coated for use in the 1050-1700nm region. Our coating achieves less than 0.5% reflection in the telecoms band and 0.09% reflection at 1550nm. These windows are optimized for fibre optic applications in the S and C bands between 1460nm to 1565nm while maintaining excellent transmision out of the operating wavelength.

Stock windows are available as either diameters or square types between 10mm to 100mm at either 1mm, 3mm or 4mm thickness. Windows purchased direct from stock are available for next day delivery. Alternatively, we manufacture custom windows in unique shapes and sizes for individual applications. Custom windows are typically cut from our stock with a short lead time.

All Knight Optical coatings are extensively tested on our state of the art Cary 5000 spectrophotometers by our trained metrology staff. Full coating data is available on request. For more information on our stock range of telecom grade windows or to make a custom enquiry, please contact our technical sales team.


Surface Quality:
1mmthk - not specified
3mmthk <1 wave over 10mm
4mmthk <2 waves over 10mm
<60-40 scratch/dig
<5 arcmin
Telecom grade AR coating 1050-1700nm Ravg<0.5%

Typical processes that we can offer for whitefloat glass substrates are as follows:

Stock sheets can be edged to custom diameters.
CNC shaping of glass to unusual shapes and designs.
Stock sheets can be cut to custom square and rectangular apertures.
Water jet cutting to special shapes and sizes.
Drilling holes for mounting onto walls etc.
Rebating of edges of diameters, squares and rectangles.
Laminating for polarisers etc.
Sandblasting of special patterns.
Screen printing.
Toughening of all shapes and sizes.
Glass bending and shaping to unusual shapes.
Edge polishing.
Mounting options.