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Plate Beamsplitter Precision Range 50/50 NIR 530-1070nm 25mmdia x 4mmthk

SKU: BQP2544
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Diameter (mm) 25
Thickness (mm) 4
Reflection (%) 50
Transmission (%) 50
Wavelength cut-off (nm) 1070
Wavelength cut-on (nm) 530

Precision grade plate beam splitters offer higher flatness and parallel specifications particularly useful in laser and imaging applications. Both faces of these precision beamsplitters are polished to a high degree of flatness of λ/4 and have excellent surface quality. Precision splitters are made from high quality optically polished BK7 with both surfaces controlled to a high degree of parallelism.

Our stock ranges of precision beamsplitters are available for use in Visible, Near Infrared and Telecoms wavelengths with 50/50 split ratio.  The beamsplitter coating is a high quality dielectric coating, the non-splitting face of the beamsplitter is multilayer antireflective coated to eliminate second face ghosting effects.

For more information on our stock range of precision beamsplitters, or to enquire about a custom quote, please contact our technical sales team.


Surface Quality:
Flatness (typical):

Beamsplitter Coating:

AR Coating:

Polarisation Ratio:

± 0.3 mm (≤100mm)
± 0.5 mm (>100mm)
± 0.2 mm
40/20 scratch/dig
0.5-1.5 λ/10mm dia
1-2 λ/25mm dia
<30 arcsec
Visible R 50%
NIR R 50%
NIR/Telcom R 50%
Visible: BBAR Ravg 0.5% @450-900nm (AV2)
NIR: BBAR Ravg 0.4% @630-1100nm (AI1)
NIR/Telecom: BBAR Ravg 0.6%@1050-1700nm(AI2)
Rs/Rp = 2 (approx. for all types)

Cutting down of stock components to smaller diameters and sizes.
Mounting options.
Special beamsplitter ratio options available at short notice.