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Plane Mirror General Purpose Grade Gold (97%@750-FAR IR) 50x50x3mmthk

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SKU: MEG5002
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Length (mm) 50
Width (mm) 50
Coating Gold (97%@750-FAR IR)
Thickness (mm) 3
Wavelength range (nm) 750-FAR IR

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Our general-purpose grade of front surface mirrors is manufactured from standard coated sheet material. These general purpose grades of front surface mirrors are available with a multitude of coatings for an extensive range of scientific instrument and lighting applications.

Our stock range of front surface plane mirrors are made from good quality float glass and are generally available in thicknesses of 1mm, 3mm and 6mm thk as standard.

We stock these general purpose plane mirror front surface in a wide range of coatings to meet most applications:...



Surface Quality:
Flatness (typical, not guaranteed):

Soda lime float glass
+0/-0.2 mm
±0.3mm (≤100mm)
±0.5mm (>100mm)
<60:40 scratch/dig

1λ over 10mm dia.
2λ over 25mm dia.
<5 arcmin

See docs & drgs tab for coatings

Edging of stock mirrors to smaller diameters.
Stock mirrors can be machined to custom square or rectangular apertures or bespoke designs.
Various mounting options.
Larger 99% dielectric 145x100mm substrates are available from stock for custom larger sizes in 1mm, 3mm and 6mm thk.
Larger 94% enhanced aluminium sheets are available from stock for custom sizes.
3mm and 6mm are available as1100x940mm, 1mm and 2mm are available as635x400mm sheets.