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Plane Mirror 1 wave over 25mm Grade Enh/Ali (94% visible) 15x15x3mmthk

SKU: MEE1502
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Length (mm) 15
Width (mm) 15
Coating Enh/Ali (94% visible)
Thickness (mm) 3
Wavelength range (nm) 450-650
This range of front surface mirror (first surface mirrors) are selected for guaranteed flatness of 1 wave over 25mm aperture and individually tested to ensure they meet specification.

These mid-range quality front surface mirrors are manufactured from standard pre-coated sheet material. We stock this range from UV though to infra-red to meet most scientific instrumentation applications.

Knight Optical stock range of front surface plane mirrors are manufactured from pre-coated stock sheets ranging from 145x100mm sheets to 1000mm square sheets in thicknesses of 1mm, 3mm and 6mm thk as standard.

We stock these 1 wave mirrors in a wide range of coatings to meet most applications:...

Surface Quality:

Soda lime float glass
+0/-0.2 mm
<60:40 scratch/dig
1λ over 25mm dia.
<3 arcmin
Enhanced Ali, R.avg>94%@450-650nm, AOI=0°-45°
All-Dielectric, R.avg>99%@450-700nm, AOI=0°-45° 

Edging of stock mirrors to smaller diameters.
Stock mirrors can be machined to custom square or rectangular apertures or bespoke designs.
Various mounting options.
Larger 99% dielectric 145x100mm substrates are available from stock for custom larger sizes in 1mm, 3mm and 6mm thk.
Larger 94% enhanced aluminium sheets are available from stock for custom sizes.
3mm and 6mm are available as1100x940mm, 1mm and 2mm are available as635x400mm sheets.