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Pinhole Standard Grade 9.53mmdia x 1 micron aperture Unmounted foil

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SKU: AGH0110
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Diameter (mm) 9.53
Aperture Diameter (µm) 1
Aperture Tolerance (µm) +0.5/-0
Foil Thickness (µm) 2.5-5.0
Grade Standard
Mounted/Unmounted Foil Unmounted foil

Our quality pin-holes are laser-drilled into 302 stainless steel substrates with thinning at the aperture for increased sharpness and definition. Pin-holes smaller than 3µm are manufactured from nickel. Pin-hole apertures offer control of beam size to help limit saturation of detectors in applications such as imaging.

Knight Optical's stock range of high precision pin-holes are available with apertures between 0.5µm and 1000µm and can be supplied either mounted in a quality blackened aluminium ring for ease of installation or unmounted as foil. Pinholes larger than 5µm can be blackened on both sides as a custom option.

As the aperture size is fixed pin-holes are ideal for applications that require high repeatability and accuracy.

High-powered pinhole apertures are used for higher intensity applications, primarily in laser systems, where the high levels of irradiation incident on the aperture are dissipated more quickly by the substrate.

Our high-powered apertures are copper substrates with gold plating on one side for reflecting radiation, with the other side flat black coated for absorption.

Typically our high powered pinhole apertures can withstand 100-200MW/cm2 at 10ns pulses (700nm) and are thinned to 25µm around the aperture for increased definition of shape and sharper edges.

Knight Optical also offers an extensive custom optic service thanks to our many years of experience in the industry. Our pinholes can be manufactured to any size or shape to suit your application. More information is available by contacting our technical sales team directly.


Pinhole Roundness:

1 - 15 µm - 0.5µm
20 - 50 µm - 1 µm
≥75 µm - 2 µm
To foil edge - 50 µm
To mount - 150 µm

Unmounted foils: 9.53mm dia
Mounted pinholes: 25mm dia

Special sizes and mounts.
Blackened one or both sides.
Closer tolerance or calibration.
Thicker substrate.