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Post clamps are manufactured from quality blackened aluminium and are designed to allow two posts to be connected together in a variety of ways.

Our small stock range of post clamps is compatible with our stock mounting posts and are easily integrated into existing systems. We offer two main types direct from stock; adjustable angle clamps for 12mm and 25mm diameter posts, and right angled clamps for 12mm diameter posts.

Our PCL0010 Universal Clamp is designed to be compatible with our stock 25mm mounting posts and post holders.

In addition to our website stock we also offer a much larger range of post clamps and accessories to set up complex systems for optical testing and experimentation.

  Key features include:

  • Adjustable angular clamps with 360° of movement
  • Fixed 90° clamps for right angled applications
  • Manufactured from quality blackened aluminium
  • Custom manufacturing options available for unique setups

To discover more about our stock post holders or our extensive custom capabilities, contact our technical sales team

Please see "Docs & drgs" tab for individual product specifications

4 Items

Name Type Inner Diameter 1 (mm) Inner Diameter 2 (mm) Outside Diameter (mm) Price Buy
PCL1212 pdf Adjustable angle clamp 12 12 N/A


Fixed right angle clamp 12 12 N/A
PCL2512 pdf Adjustable angle clamp 12 25 N/A


Universal clamp N/A N/A N/A

4 Items


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