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Elliptical mirrors are typically used at 45° where a circular cross section of a given size is asked for. Our stock range of elliptical mirrors are machined from standard sheets of enhanced aluminium giving 94% reflectivity for visible applications. Generally elliptical mirrors are used as secondary mirrors in Newton telescopes or mounting in a tube where maximum aperture is required such as in perescopes.

Our stock mirrors have a guarenteed flatness of 1λ over 25mm. Where greater precision is required we offer elliptical mirrors with flatness better than λ/10 as a custom option. We also stock a range of standard front surface mirrors sheets for use in UV/ NIR and IR applications these can be cut and edged into elliptical mirrors at short notice.

For more information on our stock elliptical mirrors, to place an order or to find out more about our custom capabilities please contact our technical sales team.

Diameter (minor-axis):
Diameter (major-axis):
Surface quality: 

Soda lime float glass
+0/-0.2 mm
+0/-0.4 mm
<60-40 scratch/dig
1λ over 25mm dia. test area
<5 arcmin
Enhanced aluminium/ visible use (MV1)
Ali/SiO₂ R.avg>94%@450-650nm, AOI=0°-45°

We stock a range of front surface mirrors from UV aluminium to protected gold that can be edged to custom elliptical mirrors at short notice.
Improved tolerances and flatness greater than λ/10.
Mounting options including custom assemblies.

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Name Wavelength range (nm) Coating Minor Axis (mm) Major Axis (mm) Thickness (mm) Price Buy
MLG0700 450-650 Enh/Ali (94% visible) 7 9.9 3
MLG1300 450-650 Enh/Ali (94% visible) 12.7 17.96 3
MLG2200 450-650 Enh/Ali (94% visible) 22.2 31.4 3
MLG2201 450-650 Enh/Ali (94% visible) 22.2 31.4 6
MLG2500 450-650 Enh/Ali (94% visible) 25 35.36 3
MLG4000 450-650 Enh/Ali (94% visible) 40 56.57 3

6 Items


Elliptical Mirrors

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