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Knight Optical offers these carefully designed NIR bandpass filters for use in ANPR/ALPR camera applications.  Designed specifically to work at maximum efficiency transmitting over 90% at the commonly used LED wavelengths of 740nm, 850nm 870nm or 940nm.

Our filters have a “hard dielectric” coating deposited on a single glass substrate eliminating the need for traditional multi-element stacked bandpass filters which can be susceptible to leakage or moisture ingress.

These stock NIR, LED bandpass filters are coated onto 25mm dia x 2mm thk clear white plate glass or a coloured glass substrates and can be supplied unmounted or mounted into our stock range of anodized camera rings with 0.5mm pitch threads designed to fit directly onto Tamron, Fujinon or Sony lenses.  Mount sizes available are either 25.5mm or 30.5mm sized options. The 25mm dia filter simple screw inside with a simple retaining ring and  have 22mm dia clear aperture.

All of our filters are tested in house by our metrology team, and the coating is verified on our Agilent Cary 5000 spectrophotometers. Complete coating information is available on request.

ANPR filters can be custom manufactured to fit individual systems, or quickly resized in house to for fast turnarounds. For more information on our stock range of NIR bandpass filters for ANPR applications, or to enquire about a custom quotation, please contact our technical sales team.

Surface Quality:
Transmission %:

B270/Colour glass or equivalent
>85% @ CWL
HLF2500 - 28.0mm dia, M25.5 thread
HLF3005 - 33.5mm dia, M30.5 thread
See 'Docs & drgs' for individual mount specifications

Filters can be resized and shaped to individual applications
Custom mounting options available
Alternative coatings
Complete assembly work may be carried out in house

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Name CWL (nm) FWHM (nm) Peak Transmission (%) Blocking OD Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Material Mount Price Buy
740FIA25 740 50 >90% @ 740nm OD4 25 2 B270 Unmounted
740FIA25-MO1 740 50 >90% @ 740nm OD4 28 2 B270 HLF2500
740FIA25-MO2 740 50 >90% @ 740nm OD4 33.5 2 B270 HLF3005
850FIA25 850 50 >90% @ 850nm OD4 25 2 B270 Unmounted
850FIA25-MO1 850 50 >90% @ 850nm OD4 28 2 B270 HLF2500
850FIA25-MO2 850 50 >90% @ 850nm OD4 33.5 2 B270 HLF3005
870FIA25 870 40 >90% @ 870nm OD4 25 2 B270 Unmounted
870FIA25-MO1 870 40 >90% @ 870nm OD4 28 2 B270 HLF2500
870FIA25-MO2 870 40 >90% @ 870nm OD4 33.5 2 B270 HLF3005
940FIA25 940 40 >85% @ 940nm OD4 25 2 B270 Unmounted
940FIA25-MO1 940 40 >85% @ 940nm OD4 28 2 B270 HLF2500
940FIA25-MO2 940 40 >85% @ 940nm OD4 33.5 2 B270 HLF3005

12 Items


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