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Dichroic Colour Correction CTB Filter 3200K to 5400K 12.5mmdia x 1.1mmthk

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Diameter (mm) 12.5
Material Borosilicate
Thickness (mm) 1.1
3200K Conversion 3200K to 5400K
Type Dichroic Colour Correction CTB Filter

Knight Optical’s range of dichroic colour correction filters offer pure, true to life colour temperature adjustment for entertainment and photography.

Colour correction filters are typically used in mixed lighting applications where an object illuminated by more than one light source would show an inconsistent mix of shades. By applying colour correction the illumination can be controlled and the object or scene properly lit. Knight Optical’s colour correction filters are available in both tungsten and daylight conversion types in a variety of strengths to suit your application.

Our dichroic colour correction filters are available in a range of wavelengths and are supplied in standard 12.5mm and 25mm diameter or 50mm square types. We are happy to cut and edge filters for non standard sizes to suit your application.

Surface Quality:
Borosilicate or equivalent
+0.0 / -0.20 mm
± 0.25 mm
± 0.20 mm
<60-40 scratch/dig

CTO types take high temperature daylight and convert to tungsten light.
CTB takes tungsten light and convert to higher temperature daylight.

Available size: Square 7mm-300mm, Diameter 10mm-400mm
Cutting down or edged to special shapes and sizes at short notice
Mounting of diameters and squares
Available as individual filters