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Amici Roof Prism BK7 equiv 15mm aperture

SKU: PIJ1501
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Material N-BK7 or equivalent
Dimension A (mm) 15.0
Dimension B (mm) 15.0
Dimension C (mm) 12.0

Amici Roof prisms also known as “Dach Prisms” or “Dachkanten Prisms” have two sections that meet at 90°. Roof prisms rotate a beam by 90° and at the same time invert the beam of light. This makes the amici roof prism appropriate for use in telescope eyepieces and endoscopes as well as profile projectors.

The reflecting faces generally rely on total internal reflection but can be coated to increase the range of angles over which the prism will work.

Other common designs of roof prism are the Abbe–Koenig prism, the Schmidt–Pechan prism, which are both used in endoscope applications.

We can supply Custom Amici-Roof Prisms in various materials, including UV Fused Silica for UV applications down to 175nm.

Surface Quality:
BK7 or equivalent
± 0.2 mm
+/- 30 arc seconds
60/40 scratch dig

Anti-reflective coatings available on request.
Faces can be coated with mirror coatings.