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Knight Optical sets benchmark for quality at this year’s CLEO:EXPO

14th May 2019

From 7 to 9th May, Knight Optical exhibited its range of premium quality, metrology-tested optical components at the 2019 edition of CLEO:EXPO in San Jose, California.

Unveiling a fresh look with an eye-catching exhibition stand, Knight Optical was greatly received amongst those working within the laser and electro-optics industries. Meeting with new and existing customers, two members of our USA team, Morgan Cabral and Courtney Buratczuk, were on stand to answer customer enquiries. Talking of the event; Morgan, Deputy Sales Manager, said:

“CLEO:EXPO 2019 has been extremely successful for us. We have met with many companies in need of a new optics supplier and they were all highly impressed with our level of quality and metrology testing abilities.

“What we did witness from the show was the quantity of discerning attendees that were able to indicate their specification’s precise tolerances, materials and dimensions — all of whom were elated to discover the endless capabilities of our custom optics.”

Colin Overton, Knight Optical’s CEO, commented:

“As an optical component supplier with 28 years’ experience within the field, it is greatly rewarding to be at the forefront of cutting-edge innovations within the laser and electro-optics industries, so it stands to reason that Knight Optical continues to exhibit its solutions for these technoscientific industries. Suffice to say, CLEO:EXPO 2019 has been a great success in reaching out to new customers, as well as meeting with a few familiar faces.

“So far, CLEO:EXPO has unlocked numerous doors for Knight Optical, with many opportunities impending from businesses of an industry-leading status, and I look forward to accommodating the absolute pinpoint precision of these high-specification requirements.

“Amidst the growth and development of the laser industry, and with the successful conclusion of CLEO:EXPO 2019 firmly in mind, I am pleased to announce Knight Optical’s next showcase at Laser World of PHOTONICS Munich. Once again, we very much look forward to welcoming a diverse calibre of laser businesses and discussing the precise needs of your optical specifications at June’s laser exhibition.”

To find out more about Knight Optical’s upcoming exhibitions or to discover how we can meet your specification, contact us today.