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Knight Optical Joins SEIA

11th Jan 2019

Knight Optical, global leaders in precision optical component design, consultancy and manufacturing, has announced its recent membership of the Solar Energy Industries Association, the body representing the solar industry in the United States of America.

Knight Optical, renowned worldwide as a leading supplier of optical components, is committed to forging meaningful relationships with all its customers, including those in the solar industry, a sector they consider vital to the future of energy in the U.S. Its recent move to become a member of the SEIA will assist greatly in its mission to support solar application manufacturers in enhancing their capacity to innovate and improve the technology that is considered vital to the energy sector moving forward.

The SEIA represents all organisations involved in the promotion, manufacture, installation and support of solar energy. It works closely with its member companies to help remove market barriers and educate the public on the benefits of solar energy. The SEIA, established in 1974, believes that the solar industry will be the single largest source of new energy generation over the next decade, and it aims to become a national voice for a more unified industry.

Knight Optical CEO Colin Overton is keen to gain a fuller understanding of the specific needs and challenges that are common within the solar industry, something he believes the company’s association with SEIA will assist greatly with. He says:

I’m confident that joining the SEIA will provide us with unsurpassed industry insight that will put us in the best position possible to assist our solar sector customers in developing the products necessary to push this vitally important innovation in energy generation to its full potential.”

Knight Optical’s respected technical experts work closely with leading names in the solar sector, including those involved in the manufacture of concentrated photovoltaic cells, creating custom optical components such as Fresnel lenses, condenser lenses, front surface mirrors and a range of optical filters, all designed to meet precision requirements and environmental challenges.

The ISO accredited company’s state-of-the-art metrology laboratory and expert technicians are well respected throughout the industry for their dedication to ensuring the most sophisticated levels of precision accuracy and compliance.