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Laser Applications

We regularly supply laser components to clients who use lasers in many different ways. These might be for Medical or Cosmetic use, or else used in bio-technology and research.

Knight Optical provide highly calibrated optics for Nd:YAG powered lasers as well as pulsed lamp applications.

Typical optics for laser applications include:

A range of filters which include colour glass type and dichroic filters with high damage threshold coatings to withstand 50J/cm2 of energy which ensures significant product lifetime.

Lenses – high precision spherical and aspherical lenses for accurate beam collimation

Front surface mirrors with dielectric coating for maximum reflectivity and ion plated silver or gold mirrors for exceptional infrared beam-direction manipulation.

Ceramic reflectors to ensure maximum and even distribution of light pulses from sources such as xenon flash lamps.
You can find out more about our specific laser experience in the Application Sheets in our Technical Library.