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Behind The Scenes at Knight Optical’s Metrology Laboratory

15th Oct 2020

Here at Knight Optical, our in-house Metrology Laboratory has tested thousands of optical components for some of the world’s most cutting-edge applications. From state-of-the-art modern-day tech devices to ultra-precision military systems, the optics within some of the most forward-thinking innovations of our time have passed through the doors of our metrology department. And, to test them, we need the crème de la crème of equipment so that we can guarantee you, our customers, the highest possible quality every time. 

Amongst our comprehensive arsenal of metrology equipment is the Cary 5000 (with a universal measurement accessory [UMA] attachment). A spectrophotometer that can measure spectral performance from the ultraviolet (UV) wavelength through to the infrared (IR) spectrum, the Cary 5000 ensures that the optical components you order through us meet your exacting specifications.

This month, our qualified, well-informed Metrology Technician, Martin Bailitis, provides us with a Knight Optical behind-the-scenes metrology exclusive and explains how our fully trained technicians use the Cary 5000 to ensure you receive premium-quality and fit-for-purpose optical components every time you order from Knight Optical.

Click play on the video to hear from Martin and learn about our Cary 5000.

If you have any questions concerning our in-house testing, or if you would like to find out more about our equipment, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.