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Optics are all around us

Whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, lounge or utility room, it’s surprising to learn just how many optics live alongside us every day.

Tiny Tech: The World of Nanotechnology

As a regular supplier of metrology-tested components for nanotechnological use, Knight Optical runs through some of the most novel applications within this specialised field of science and tech. 

This Month’s Top Tech

Technological advancements are moving at the speed of light. Industries across the globe are continuously innovating to discover the latest in ground-breaking tech to improve our way of life. Here, Knight Optical – the industry-leading supplier of premium-quality, metrology-tested optical components – explores this month’s top tech. 

Brexit Update

Whether we leave with or without a deal please be reassured that Knight Optical is ready for the transition date.

Knight Optical Meets Demand with Customisable Lithium Fluoride (LiF) Windows

Having witnessed the exponential growth of LiF Windows amongst customers working on UV applications, in particular, we have grown our portfolio to meet an even broader spectrum of requirements

Behind The Scenes at Knight Optical’s Metrology Laboratory

Here at Knight Optical, our in-house Metrology Laboratory has tested thousands of optical components for some of the world’s most cutting-edge applications.

High-Quality Imaging Demands High-Quality Optics

Thermal imaging, medical imaging, geospatial imaging, imaging technology for food quality; there’s an abundance of imaging categories used across a diverse spectrum of industries.

Knight Optical Meets Customer’s Quality Expectations

It is with great pleasure that Knight Optical – the industry-leading supplier of metrology-tested, on-spec optical components – announces a 99.9% pass rate from its state-of-the-art Metrology Laboratory and dedicated QA department. 

Optical Components & Laser Types Used in The Medical Sector

Whether used for diagnosis, treatment, dentistry, plastic surgery or dermatology, lasers are omnipresent within the medical industry.

Life on Board: What Optical Components Are Used on Warships?

Modern-day warships, vessels and naval technology employ a host of high-specification components to ensure optimum performance across the navy’s equipment and provide first-class safety for its personnel.