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Knight Optical supply a range of simple testing and calibration services and equipment for optical quality assurance and metrology applications.

Optical systems, more than nearly any other application, are highly dependent on individual optical components meeting stringent specifications. Poor polishing and scratches can cause significant loss in image quality or even prevent a system from working correctly at all. Digs in an optical surface can result in material failure when used in laser systems resulting in inaccurate measurements and cost to the customer. Great care is taken at Knight Optical to ensure our parts are thoroughly QA tested before being delivered and we are pleased to extend that capability to our customers through our range of simple, cost effective testing and calibration products.

We offer autocollimators for non contact angle testing and monochromatic light sources used in conjunction with an optical flat for testing of surface flatness. Our calibration section comprised of surface quality masters and gauge blocks is designed to offer our customers everything they need to carry out QA testing for scratch/dig, surface roughness and basic dimensional and angular measurements. For a more complete service we are also able to offer optical cleaning and handling products, alongside handing and QA training to ensure our customers have everything they need to care for their products.

In addition to our testing and calibration products we offer an in house metrology testing service carried out in our state of the art laboratory by our highly trained technicians. For more information contact our technical sales team who will be happy to help with any testing or handling queries.

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