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Fresnel lenses - Reverse Configuration (Solar Concentrators)

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Knight Optical provide specially designed Fresnel lenses of reverse configuration making them ideal for use in Solar Concentration such as concentration photovoltaic (CPV) application. They are designed in such a way that the plano side faces the sun and the Fresnel surface faces the photovoltaic cells to focus the light. A standard Fresnel lens works in the opposite form.

These lenses are not generally used for imaging and can therefore be created using segments to ensure a larger surface area, making it ideal for solar concentration.

Our stock range are manufactured from PMMA, and range from 100mmx100mm to 1400mmx1050mm. Depending on the size and volume you require, these lenses are available on a 3-4 week lead, as they are manufactured when ordered. Browse our range below and if you have any questions, send us an email, call our technical sales team or use our webchat to see what lens is best for you.

Center thickness:
+/- 0.5mm
Clear aperture:
Focal length:
± 5%
Design condition:
Parallel light on smooth side

Note: The largest lenses we can offer are
  • f=1200mm, 1400x1050mm lens  with groove pitch of 0.33mm, full aperture
  • f=3500mm, 1400x1050mm lens  with groove pitch of 0.3mm, full aperture
  • Cutting down of stock lenses to custom sizes.
  • Antireflective coatings
  • Other focal lengths and aperture sizes available at short notice.

Stock Optics

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Part No. Focal Length
Clear Aperture
Overall Size
Facet Width
TypeRange Price
LFS300425 300425 dia300x3000.32Solar (Circular) £79.95
LFS1575 1575 dia75x750.12Non-Solar (Circular) £65.45
LFS600566 600566 dia400x4000.52Solar (Circular) £99.95
LFS350003 35001900 dia1400x10500.33Solar (Circular) £285.00
LFS120002 12001900 dia1400x10500.332Solar (Circular) £275.00
LFS150283 150283200x2000.52Solar (Circular) £79.95
LFS400780 400673 dia450x5000.32Solar (Circular) £135.45
LFS120003 12001900 dia1400x10500.333Solar (Circular) £285.00
LFS100003 1000500x500500x5000.33Solar (Linear) £154.45
LFS150150 150150x500150x5000.32Solar (Linear) £99.95
LFS200354 200354 dia250x2500.32Solar (Circular) £79.95
LFS800137 8001449 dia1150x8800.1952Solar (Circular) £525.00
LFS0625 625 dia25x250.12Non-Solar (Circular) £65.45
LFS50100 50100 dia100x1000.32Non-Solar (Circular) £65.45
LFS1050 1050 dia50x500.12Non-Solar (Circular) £65.45
LFS500500 500500X500500X5000.33Solar (Linear) £154.45
LFS200200 200200x500200x5000.32Solar (Linear) £106.95

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