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Dichroic beamsplitters shortwave reflecting filter sets (45° AOI)

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These dichroic shortwave reflecting beamsplitters are a special type of interference filter, they split the light into two or three spectral bands, some are transmitted and the others reflected with negligible absorption. This type of filter is ideal for high powers and lacks the strong fluorescence of certain glass filters. Generally the bands are based on the three primary colours of red, green and blue. Dichroic beamsplitters are widely used in LCD projectors and in some sensor systems. As the name suggests these are used at 45° incidence and the reflected light is deviated through 90°. Typical applications for dichroic shortwave reflecting beamsplitters are in separation of laser wavelengths in fluorescence microscopy.

The below listed here are our shortwave reflecting dichroic beamsplitter filter range.   

Knight Optical's shortwave reflecting dichroic beamsplitter sets include filters designed for specific wavelengths ranges, or filters spanning over the visible to near infra-red spectral range.

These shortwave reflecting dichroic beamsplitter sets are more cost effective than purchasing as individual filter wavelengths and supplied in a high quality wooden box, which is very useful for laboratory and custom design applications for ease of use and safe keeping.

The individual filters in these sets can be found on our other shortwave reflecting dichroic beamsplitter product pages if you still require single wavelengths. For ease, please use the “see also” tab below.

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