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IR-cut filters

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Knight Optical offers a range of IR-cut filters for accurate colour replication in photography, CCD and CMOS imaging applications.


Our IR-cut filters are designed to block by means of reflection the NIR spectrum while transmitting highly in the visible range. Our filters also block UV light below 350nm.

ANPR/ALPR & modern camera systems are highly sensitive to infrared light up to around 1000nm that can cause inaccurate colouration. By fitting an IR-cut filter, unwanted infrared light is reflected away from the detector and true to life colour is maintained. Our IR-cut filters are hot mirror coated on a quality borosilicate or equivalent glass substrate and offer sharp transitions between the transmitting and reflecting bands to improve accuracy and control over the system. The substrate is chemically resistant to acidic and saline solutions and will not degrade under normal conditions. A low thermal expansion means the optic can survive rapid changes in temperature while maintaining its structural integrity where other materials might crack or shatter.

Our Standard Range of IR-cut filters are manufactured to a surface quality of 60:40 scratch/dig. Precision IR-Cut filters are supplied with better than 40:20 scratch/dig and are further coated with AR on the rear of the optic to improve transmission. We understand that a higher quality is required for HD camera applications and our filters can also be purchased with improved 20:10 scratch/dig for higher resolution systems.

Our IR-cut filters are available in standard 5mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 15mm, 25mm and 50mm diameter or square types. We are happy to cut and edge filters for non standard sizes to suit your application.

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