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UV/VIS/NIR optics

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Knight Optical supplies quality precision optical components and mechanics from stock for use in the UV, VIS and NIR wavebands. Protype and stock Optics and mechanical components for precision solutions that are available as stock items can be accessed via the links below.

This wavelength range covers the UV (250 to 400nm), Visible (400 to 700nm), and NIR (700nm to 1.2µm). Suitable optical materials are chosen to optimise the design and to meet any reasonable specification.  



Apertures consist of pinholes, slits and iris diaphragms used for beam and aperture control in laser systems and spectroscopy. These are offered in standard and high power types and are supplier mounted in high quality blackened aluminium mounts.

Bar gratings are used for Ronchi mirror testing and are manufactured by photolithographically layering a chromium pattern into a glass substrate. A range of line spacings are available for contrast testing and edge definition.

Resolution charts consist of multiple precision metallic patterns deposited on a transparent glass substrate and are equipped with a range of spatial frequencies. Knight Optical are able to provide USAF 1951 0-7, NBS 1963A and Cobb (BS1613) charts for resolution testing.

Graticules consist of eyepiece and stage type patterns and scales and are used for measuring linear dimensions, the radii and diameters of circles and angles.

Diffraction gratings come in three grades and are used to separate white light into its component wavelengths. Our high quality research reflection gratings include both ruled and holographic types, with lines at orders of 1µm apart a millimetre will contain 300 to 3000 lines.

Beamsplitters are available as either cube or plate types, and are used to separate an incident beam into reflected and transmitted parts at a specified ratio.

Diffusers alter the divergence of incident light and are primarily used in aesthetic lighting applications such as shop displays and art installations. Knight Optical offer PVC, ground glass, flashed opal and Optolite™ diffusers for general use and shaped (holographic) diffusers for higher precision applications.

Optical filters offer control of incident light by isolating a specific bandwidth, providing known blocking of unwanted light or transmitting wavelengths higher or lower than a given value. Filters are available in coloured glass, dichroic, interference bandpass and Wratten II types and can be used for a vast range of applications from aesthetic lighting displays to medical and defence systems.

Lenses are available in precision and commercial grade and are moulded with spherical, cylindrical, plane or aspheric surfaces. Our lenses are available as singlets or doublets.  Lens arrays and micro-lenses are also available and we offer an extensive custom lens option for unique requirements.

Metal optics are available for laser mirrors that are water cooled or cooled by solid state systems. Other metals are available to make very accurate mirrors both on and off axis.

Optical flats are used for checking surface flatness in various industries such as oil and gas where control of the products flatness helps to prevent leaks in high pressure systems.  They are important components in interferometers and as laser mirrors. Commercial glass and precision low expansion glass (zerodur) are used as the substrates and are provided with certificates that guarantee flatness.  Knight Optical also offer a cost effective optical flat reconditioning service to renovate tired and worn optical flats for cheaper than the price of a new flat.

Polarisers are available from simple sheet polarisers and circular polarizers to high end crystal polarisers and cube polarisers. Polarisers typically split light into S and P polarisations and the extent and nature of this split is dependent on the type of polariser used.

Prisms are available from dispersing to rhomboid and corner cubes to commercial and precision angles.

Retarders range from achromatic rhomboid prism, plastic, quartz, and mica as the retarding material. Low order, zero order and achromatic retarders are supplied mounted in quality blackened aluminium rings.

Windows broadly describes any optic used for viewing or protection purposes and also includes domes and light guides. Windows are available in a host of different materials from UV fused silica to sapphire and plastic. Certain materials may be toughened to protect the window against harsh environments or coated to improve transmission.

Knight Optical supply quality stock optics and mechanics made to our exacting specification.  Every component is individually tested by our highly skilled technicians in our state of the art metrology lab to ensure all components meet our high quality standards.

Contact our multilingual technical sales team and discover how Knight Optical’s high quality stock optics, mechanics, and service can improve your instrumentation and supply chain experience.


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