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B270 or equivalent windows are cost-effective medium performance windows. B270 or equivalent  glass works efficiently from 320nm though to 2600nm with an average transmission of 90% from 400nm to 2000nm

B270 or equivalent glass is a sheet material that is relatively flat. It comes as manageable sheet sizes of 258x406mm in a large range of standard thicknesses. As B270 or equivalent material comes in standard thickness it is ideal for cost-effective scientific window applications as BK7 or equivalent requires sawing and polishing processes that add to costs. Please view standard available thicknesses in “stock available” tab below.

B270 or equivalent windows are excellent for use in standard window applications such as protecting visible CCTV camera or windows control panels. They are also an excellent substrate for optical mirrors and beamsplitters from Visible through to NIR types.

The glass surfaces can be machined to special shapes and surfaces can be ground to create a diffused finish. Surfaces can also be etched with screen printing designs. B270 or equivalent is also an excellent substrate for making tempered or toughened windows for increased strength and high-temperature applications.

B270 or equivalent windows can be anti-reflective coated where small residual reflection is required.

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Name Material Coating Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Price Buy
WGW25070 B270 Uncoated 250 70 2
WFT9104 B270 (Toughened) Uncoated 91.5 4

2 Items


B270 Windows

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