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Optical flats are single precision flat surfaces. They are used as reference surfaces to compare flatness of a substrate where flatness is unknown. When a high quality optical flat is placed on top of a polished substrate and used in conjunction with a monochromatic light source light bands are formed. The light bands that are present are known as interference fringes and their shape represents how flat the part being tested measures. Dependent on how many rings are formed or how straight the presented lines are is an indication of how flat the tested part is.

Optical flats are used for testing gauge blocks. Optical flats are also used in interferometers and high quality flat optical mirror and window sub-straights for laser applications.

This range of Zerodur optical flats are single-sided optical flats and dual faced optical flats. Zerodur is a yellowish glass ceramic developed by Schott glass. Zerodur has unmatched low thermal expansion properties and is very durable. Zerodur optical flats are also available in lambda/10 and lambda/20 types from stock. We can also supply lambda/4, lambda/8 and lamda/16 optical flats on short lead times.

All optical flats are tested on our Zygo Verifire XPZ interferometer system fitted with the latest Mx® software. Optical flats are supplied certified in a quality wooden box.

Knight Optical also offer a rework and calibration service for optical flats, please enquire.

Surface finish:
Flatness face 1 & 2 on dual face polished flats:
Flatness face 1 on single sided polished flats:
Flatness face 2 on single sided polished flats:
<5 angstrom off pitch
As specified over 90% aperture
As specified over 90% aperture
Commercial polish
<5 arcmin (or better if required)

We can manufacture Quartz and Zerodur Optical Flats to any size at short notice. Simply use the Custom Optics button.
Optical flats can be coated with a range of standard or custom mirror coatings for high quality mirrors or beamsplitters.

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Name Type Material Flatness Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Price Buy
TYZ2610 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/10 26 6
TYZ2620 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/20 26 6
TYZ2710 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/10 26 10
TYZ2720 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/20 26 10
TYZ5210 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/10 52 10
TYZ5220 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/20 52 10
TYZ7710 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/10 77 15
TYZ7720 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/20 77 15
TYZ10210 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/10 102 17
TYZ10220 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/20 102 17
TYZ12710 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/10 127 20
TYZ12720 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/20 127 20
TYZ15210 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/10 152 25
TYZ15220 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/20 152 25
TYZ20210 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/10 202 30
TYZ20220 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/20 202 30
TYZ25210 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/10 252 35
TYZ25220 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/20 252 35
TYZ30210 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/10 302 40
TYZ30220 Single sided Zerodur Lambda/20 302 40

20 Items


Zerodur Optical Flats

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