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Flashed opal offers a more thorough diffusion with a distribution close to Lambertian, with the brightness of the diffuser being independent of the viewing angle.

Such wide scattering angles will inevitably reduce brightness, however Opal diffusers can be very useful in light boxes and other illumination systems.

Note: Flashed opal diffuser material has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Knight Optical still hold limited stock parts available for purchase. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Overall Thickness:
Opal Layer Thickness:
Surface Quality:

White-flashed opal
+0/-0.25 mm
± 0.3 mm
± 0.20 mm (+0.2/-0.6mm 6mmthk)
0.45mm +0.35mm/-0.2mm
<60-40 scratch-dig

Cutting down of stock components to smaller diameters and sizes.
Mounting options.
Larger sheets available for custom shapes and sizes.
The opal layer can be polished down at short notice.

12 Items

Name Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Material Price Buy
DFO1200 pdf 12 2 Flashed Opal
DFO2500 pdf 25 3 Flashed Opal
DFO2555 25 6 Flashed Opal
DFO4000 pdf 40 3 Flashed Opal
DFO5000 pdf 50 3 Flashed Opal
DFO10000 pdf 100 3 Flashed Opal
DFO15000 pdf 150 3 Flashed Opal
DFO2525 pdf 25 25 3 Flashed Opal
DFO4040 pdf 40 40 3 Flashed Opal
DFO5050 pdf 50 50 3 Flashed Opal
DFO5051 pdf 50 50 6 Flashed Opal
DFO100100 pdf 100 100 3 Flashed Opal

12 Items


Flashed Opal Diffusers

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