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Mica retarders present a cost effective alternative to traditional quartz types and benefit from being moderately achromatic.  Mica retarders are made from thin layers of weakly birefringent mica held between two glass plates for ease of handling. The thickness of the mica correlates to the operating wavelength of the retarder.

Because mica retarders are zero-order devices they exhibit low dispersion and angular sensitivity and can be used over a large wavelength range. Mica also gives uniform retardance across the aperture.

Note: These retarders are being discontinued.  Once parts are out of stock they will not be replenished

Retardation Tolerance:

AR coating:
Quarter-wave ± 0.01λ
Half-wave ± 0.02λ
25 mm +0/-0.2 mm
3 mm ±0.25 mm
Antireflective coated for relevant wavelength

Unlaminated Mica.
Special wavelengths.
AR coatings.
Special sizes.
Full-wave and other retardations.
Stock parts can be edged to special sizes.
Mounting options.

6 Items

Name Retardance Wavelength range (nm) Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Price Buy
RYM2100 1/4 wave 400-700nm 21 0.1
RQM2501 1/2 wave 488 25 3
RQM2506 1/2 wave 633 25 3
RYM2509 1/4 wave 830 25 3
RQM2509 1/2 wave 830 25 3
RYM2510 1/4 wave 1064 25 3

6 Items


Mica Retarders

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