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The HR polarizers are from the former Polaroid/3M range. Original HNPB polarizers are now obsolete however we supply a similar replacement that works extremely efficiently into the UV wavelength at 290nm.

Knight Optical's UV and IR polarizers extend the spectral range down to 290m for the HNPB replacement material and HR is used between 800nm to 2000nm. We have extensive stock of HR material in 76.2mm square sheets.

See visible sheet polarisers for other Polaroid/3M visible type sheet polarizers.

Axis Direction:
±0.5mm (<100mm) ±1mm (100-400mm) nominal (>400mm)
Typically ±2°

Rectangular sheets have polarisation axis parallel to short edge.

We stock large sheets up to 1270x480mm in some cases; we can cut these into special shapes and sizes at short notice.
Mounting options available.
Special Glass laminating to CAB polarisers.
Special AR coatings.

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Name Material Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Wavelength range (nm) Price Buy
OIR7575 pdf HR (3M original material) 76 76 0.38 800-2000
OUV5050 pdf HNPB replacement 50 50 0.19 280-450+
OUV2525 pdf HNPB replacement 25 25 0.19 280-450+
OUV2500 pdf HNPB replacement 25 0.19 280-450+
OIR5050 pdf HR (3M original material) 50 50 0.38 800-2000
OIR2525 pdf HR (3M original material) 25 25 0.38 800-2000
OIR2500 pdf HR (3M original material) 25 0.38 800-2000

7 Items


UV/IR Polarisers

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