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Plate Beamsplitter Standard Range 50/50 NIR 530-1070nm 25x15x1mmthk

SKU: BHE2506
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Length (mm) 25
Width (mm) 15
Thickness (mm) 1.1
Reflection (%) 50
Transmission (%) 50
Wavelength cut-off (nm) 1070
Wavelength cut-on (nm) 530

These general purpose plate beam splitters are for use at 45°. Our plate beam splitters are available for both visible, NIR and Telecoms applications. We stock 50/50 plate beamsplitters and 70/30 plate beamsplitters for visible applications such as imaging and 50/50 plate beamsplitters for NIR for use in medical and laser applications and  interferometers.

The Beamsplitter multilayer dielectric coating is deposited on standard white float glass that has a relatively good grade of flatness and surface quality. All general purpose grade beamsplitters have a multilayer broad band antireflective coating on the rear to eliminate problematic secondary reflections.

Knight Optical's plate beamsplitters are available in 1mm and 3mm thicknesses. The 1mm thick beamsplitters are useful where compactness and weight are an issue. The white float glass used can be particularly useful in the near infrared plate beamsplitter as it avoids strong IR absorption.

For more information on our stock range of general purpose plate beamsplitters, or to enquire about a custom quote, please contact our technical sales team.


Surface Quality:
Flatness (not guaranteed):

Beamsplitter Coating:

AR Coating:

Polarisation Ratio:

Float Glass
± 0.3 mm (≤100mm)
± 0.5 mm (>100mm)
± 0.25 mm
1.1mmthk <1.5 λ/10mm dia
3.3mmthk <2 λ/25mm dia
<5 arcmin
Visible R 50%
Visible R 33%
NIR R 50%
NIR/Telcom R 50%
Visible: AR coating T.avg <98%; Tmin >97% @ 420-680nm
NIR: BBAR Ravg 0.4% @630-1100nm (AI1)
NIR/Telecom: BBAR Ravg 0.6%@1050-1700nm(AI2)
Rs/Rp = 2 (approx. for all types)

Cutting down of stock components to smaller diameters and sizes.
Mounting options.
Larger sheets available for custom shapes and sizes.
Special beamsplitter ratio options available at short notice.
Special beamsplitter ratio options available at short notice.