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Cylindrical lenses are designed to focus light into a straight line, rather than to a single point. As the name suggests, the lens surface has a cylindrical shape rather than the usual spherical which allows for one dimensional shaping of light along a line. Cylindrical lenses are typically either plano-concave or plano-convex, designed to expand and focus light respectively, and can be supplied in either diameter or rectangular shape for ease of mounting.

Cylindrical lenses are often used to change the profile of laser beams, for example to correct for astigmatism and ellipticity in diode lasers or to generate lines from single mode lasers.

Knight Optical offers a range of stock and bespoke cylindrical lenses to suit a variety of applications. Alternatively we can edge stock components for a fast turnaround. All our lenses can be AR coated for NIR transmission, typically between 450-900nm and alternative coatings are available on request.

Every component is individually tested by our highly skilled technicians in our state of the art metrology lab to ensure all components meet our high quality standards. Contact our multilingual technical sales team and discover how Knight Optical’s high quality cylindrical lenses and service can improve your instrumentation and supply chain experience.


Cylindrical Lenses

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