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Ball lenses are, as the name suggests, completely spherical lenses most commonly used to couple light in and out of fibres. Knight Optical supplies a range of stock ball lenses as well as bespoke designs to your own specifications. Our stock ball lenses offered in quartz have excellent UV and IR transmission between 185nm to 2000+nm, while our sapphire lens  have a higher refractive index, allowing a very short fall back length to better facilitate fibre coupling. We can supply ball lens  in a range of alternative materials and diameters.  We are able to supply high precision grade 3 ball lenses, mid-range grade 25 ball lenses and commercial grade 100 ball lenses offering all grades to suit any application.

Aside from fibre coupling applications, ball lenses are also used as objective lenses in endoscopy, laser measurement systems and bar-code scanning.

Our half ball lenses offer uniform dispersion of light and typically used in LED displays and LED traffic lights.

Our custom ball and half ball capability sheet can be found here.

Every component is individually tested by our highly skilled technicians in our state of the art metrology lab to ensure all components meet our high quality standards. Please contact our multilingual technical sales team and discover how Knight Optical’s high quality ball and half-ball lenses can improve your instrumentation and supply chain experience..

Ball Sphericity:
Focal Length:

Surface Quality:

BK7 or equivalentSapphireRuby Quartz
± 2.5µm
0.625 µm
± 0.2% (<10mm)
± 2.0% (10-1000mm)
± 5.0% (>1000mm)
<40-20 scratch/dig

Antireflective coating of stock lenses.
Stock ball lenses can be edged down to produce a drum lens.
Mounting into cells.

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Name Focal Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Back Focal Length (mm) Material Coating Type Price Buy
LAB00503 0.54 0.5 0.16 LASFN-9 AR coated @1550nm- T>98% on spherical face Half Ball Lens
LBH0008 8.69 8 5.95 UVFS Uncoated Half Ball Lens
LSB09016 0.92 1.5875 0.12 Sapphire Uncoated Ball Lens
LSB0800 4.6 8 0.6 Sapphire Uncoated Ball Lens
LSB0610 5.76 10 0.76 Sapphire Uncoated Ball Lens
LSB03506 3.45 6 0.45 Sapphire Uncoated Ball Lens
LSB02304 2.3 4 0.3 Sapphire Uncoated Ball Lens
LSB014025 1.44 2.5 0.19 Sapphire Uncoated Ball Lens
LSB00601 0.58 1 0.08 Sapphire Uncoated Ball Lens
LSB003006 0.345 0.6 0.05 Sapphire Uncoated Ball Lens
LFB02500 1.77 2.5 0.52 Quartz Uncoated Ball Lens
LFB00400 2.84 4 0.84 Quartz Uncoated Ball Lens
LBB0710 7.34 10 2.34 BK7 or equivalent Uncoated Ball Lens
LBB0406 4.4 6 1.4 BK7 or equivalent Uncoated Ball Lens
LBB0304 2.93 4 0.93 BK7 or equivalent Uncoated Ball Lens
LBB018025 1.83 2.5 0.58 BK7 or equivalent Uncoated Ball Lens
LBB011015 1.1 1.5 0.35 BK7 or equivalent Uncoated Ball Lens
LBB00701 0.734 1 0.23 BK7 or equivalent Uncoated Ball Lens

18 Items


Ball & Half Ball Lenses

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