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Wratten 2 filters replace the industry standard Wratten gelatin filters with the same spectral perforomance. The filters listed here are band-pass type Wratten 2 colour filters.

Wratten 2 filters were originally designed for use in photography but are also used in imaging applications from industrial manufacture to medical.

We offer stock Wratten 2 filters in a standard 75x75mm sheet. Custom filters may be cut to special sizes at short notice where stock is available. For more information on our stock Wratten 2 filters or to enquire about a custom quote, speak to our technical sales team.

Wavelength cut-on listed in table is transition cut-on wavelength (T=Tmax/2)
Wavelength cut-off listed in table is transition cut-off wavelength (T=Tmax/2)
Wavelength peak is centre wavelength 

Cutting down to special shapes and sizes.
Mounting into ridged mounts.
Larger sizes up to 300x100mm.

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Name Type Wavelength cut-on (nm) CWL (nm) Wavelength cut-off (nm) Wratten No. Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Colour Price Buy
432FWP7575 pdf Bandpass 407 432 456 47B 75 75 0.1 Narrow-cut tricolour blue
440FWP7575 pdf Bandpass 414 440 480 47 75 75 0.1 Tricolour blue
525FWP7575 pdf Bandpass 501 525 553 61 75 75 0.1 Narrow-cut tricolour green
527FWP7575 pdf Bandpass 501 527 561 58 75 75 0.1 Tricolour green
547FWP7575 pdf Bandpass 533 547 568 99 75 75 0.1 Dark green
575FWP7575 pdf Bandpass 562 575 595 90 75 75 0.1 Dark amber monochromat

6 Items


Bandpass Wratten Colour Filters

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