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Plastic Aspheric Lens 25mmdia x 40mm F.L.

SKU: LAP2540
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Focal Length (mm) 40
Diameter (mm) 25
Centre Thickness (mm) 16.5
Material Plastic

Plastic Aspheric Lenses are relatively cheap as they are mass produced, moulded or pressed, plastic. The surface quality of plastic aspheric lenses is worse than most conventionally polished lenses. However the surface departs from the traditional spherical shape which controls some of the aberrations.  These aspheric lenses are extremely effective at focusing point sources such as low powered laser beams and LED light sources.  

Some of these plastic aspheric lenses have moulded flanges for ease of assembly. Parts LAP3528, LAP3553 and LAP3536 are moulded with mounting brackets attached.

Overall Diameter:
Focal length:
Surface Quality:

± 5%

Mounting options.
Stock lenses can be edged to smaller diameters.
Antireflective coatings on plastic aspheric lenses are available to designed wavelength.