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TRITC Fluorescence Filter Set

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SKU: 525FFL25-ST
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Excitation CWL (nm) 525
Emission CWL (nm) 595
Common fluorophore TRITC
Dichroic cut-on (nm) 565

Knight Optical’s hard coated fluorescence filters sets have been carefully designed to be compatible with a certain fluorophores, ensuring superior transmission at the excitation and emission wavelengths, whilst providing excellent blocking at the crossover. Each set consists of mounted excitation and emission filter, available in 25mm diameters, and a dichroic beamsplitter which is 25.7mm x 36mm. These optical filters are manufactured to be durable, with an extra-long life, and dimensions suitable for a wide range of microscopes. Applications for the sets include fluorescence microscopy and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) applications. 

Each filter set can be used for multiple fluorophores, further details can be found on each set's information sheet.

All optical filters are tested within our metrology laboratory on our Agilent Cary 7000 Spectrophotometer. Complete coating graphs and ASCII data is available upon request.

Bandpass Mounted Diameter: 25mm +0/-0.1
Excitation Thickness: 4mm ± 0.1 (except 340FFL25-ST, which is 5mm)
Emission Thickness: 3mm ± 0.1
Typical blocking at crossover:
Dichroic Length: 36mm 0/-0.25
Dichroic Width: 25.7mm +0/-0.25
Dichroic Thickness: 1mm +/-0.2
Surface Quality: 80/50 scratch/dig

Individual filters can be purchased as a custom order, contact our sales team for further information.